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Geelong & your Host

Facing north on Corio Bay, Geelong boasts a glorious waterfront precinct, sophisticated dining options and all kinds of entertainment. Your host, the Royal Geelong Yacht Club is one of Australia’s largest and most successful yacht clubs.

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Gill Melges 24 World Championships 2014

First Aussie Melges 24 world championship fair dinkum ripper

Jav Greaves | Uncategorized |
Australia’s southern states are in the midst of another summer heatwave. The upshot is Geelong’s trusty afternoon sea breeze was waylaid today, cutting short the Gill Melges 24 World Championship...
Gill Melges 24 World Championships 2014

Twice in a Blu Moon

Bianca Johnston | Uncategorized |
It’s been 13 years since the Italian sailing maestro Flavio Favini won a Melges 24 world championship. Last year in San Francisco he finished runner-up to Brian Porter’s Full Throttle...
Gill Melges 24 World Championships 2014

Aussie bandits steal the show on day three

Jav Greaves | Uncategorized |
It was Australia Day all over again on day three of racing at the Gill Melges 24 World Championship 2014, when three Aussie lads unleashed some of their best work....
Gill Melges 24 World Championships 2014

Geelong sparkles as Harry Melges’ Star takes the lead

Jav Greaves | Uncategorized |
Three races deeper into the 12 race Gill Melges 24 World Championship 2014 and the visitors unsurprisingly continue to dictate terms. After the completion of race six in the 10-12...